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Thanks to the inter-institutional agreement signed within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, the UITM academic staff have an opportunity to teach students at one of our partner university (STA-type mobility). Every academic fellow is welcome to benefit from the Erasmus+ offer.

The necessary information concerning the qualification process of our teachers under Erasmus+ programme can be found below. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with list of partner universities.

It is important to remember that every lecturer has to conduct min. 8 hours of classes during the stay at the partner university. The duration of the stay is 6 days including the travel (the minimum stay at the partner university is 2 days). Every teacher qualified for exchange period will get an Erasmus+ scholarship!

Application for Erasmus+ teaching mobility

Every staff member applying for the teaching staff mobility should submit the following documents to Ms This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the University Coordinator for Erasmus+ (International Relations Department, room RA 207):

  • “Staff mobility agreement for teaching” (individual teaching plan), initially accepted by the receiving institution. Staff members should contact the receiving institution to have the teaching plan approved. The contact information of the partner universities can be found here.
  • E+ Application form STA

Additional documents/certificates, which can help get extra points, are:

  • List of publications in English
  • Certificate (or scan/copy) that confirms providing workshops or trainings in a foreign language
  • Language certificates (or scans/copies), e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, LCCI, etc

Erasmus+ Scholarship

The participants receive from the University grants from the programme foundation, which cover or refund transportation and accommodation expenses. The amount of grant is calculated according to the rules of the UITM. Before the departure to the partner university staff members receive a payment in advance, which is 75% of the amount due, to cover the costs of transportation, insurance and accommodation. The remaining part of the grant is given after returning and submitting all required documents.

 Group countries

Monthly scholarship for less then 14 days

 Monthly scholarship for more then 14 days

Group I: Denamark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Luksemgurg, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain  130 EURO  91 EURO
Group II: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Spain, the Nerthelands, Malta, Germany, Portugal, Italy 110 EURO 77 EURO
Group III: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, FYROM, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary, Poland  100 EURO  70 EURO


Organizing the mobility

From the moment when the final list of grant holders is accepted by the Qualification Commission, the Coordinator for Erasmus+ helps each participant organize the mobility. The details of mobility, such as planning the stay, accommodation, transportation, flight, etc. are settled in cooperation with the grant holder and the receiving university.

After return to Poland

At the end of the stay, every staff member receives a certificate from the host university, which confirms the number of teaching hours carried out. Staff members will be able to include the foreign trip into their employee records. After return the teacher is obliged to calculate the trip expenses according to the rules adopted at our university. Every teacher is obliged to fill out the online survey, which will be sent via e-mail.

Please address all questions about the Erasmus+ mobility to the University Coordinator for Erasmus+, Ms This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Additional information about the Programme Erasmus+ is available on the website of the National Agency for Erasmus+ (in Polish):

A lump sum for travel expenses

 Distance  Amount
 from 10 to 99 km  20 EURO per participant
 from 100 to 499 km  180 EURO per participant
 from 500 to 1 999 km  275 EURO per participant
 from 2 000 to 2 999 km  360 EURO per participant
 from 3 000 to 3 999 km  530 EURO per participant
 from 4 000 to 7 999 km  820 EURO per participant
 8 000 and more  1500 EURO per participant

About us

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission under Erasmus+ Programme 2014/15 (OS). This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Polish National Agency and European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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